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You share a story. I make a 3 minute movie about it.

3 minute stories

My name is Amrit. I am an IIT grad. I worked in a leading business consulting firm for four years. And then I left my job to become a candid wedding photographer. And then, slowly and steadily I  ventured towards documentary film-making. You can watch my existing short-documentaries here on this site.

I am in a continuous lookout for real life stories – so if you have one to share, (or you know of someone who has one or an organization for that matter) that should be shared with the world, I am willing to make a 3 minute movie for you (or for that someone).

Contact me now.

The range of stories for my existing documentary work is pretty eclectic. Choose to watch what interests you most :)

  • Because rape is not always about sex explains how exactly. It became pretty viral when it was published and has been played over 9 lakh times already. I documented school workshops in Bangalore being organized by two young Indian girls (who presently study in USA) where they shared the importance of realizing why a lot of times, rapes are beyond a perverted sexual frustration!
  • Can’t Stop Shooting on Film – tries to understand why some people still use and work with film photography in today’s predominantly digital age. Are they just weird, or does film really give a better quality? This too became very popular, particularly in the international photo blogging community and got shared and talked about on sites such as PetaPixel
  • Discover the diva in you documents Neena’s journey from working in the corporate world for over a decade, to finally leaving it all (and more) so that she could do what she really liked to do! It might inspire you to take that plunge that you always wanted to! :)
  • The Ultimate Sport helps bring out the reason why Frisbee is so much more than just something that you play with your dog or kids in a beach.

There are more but the above should give you a pretty good idea of what I can create. So do contact me if you think you have a real story worth making a short documentary on. If it’s for a noble cause, I wouldn’t charge anything. That’s about it!

Watch all my existing stories (Short Documentaries).

The reason I want to do this is because:

a) LOVE: I love bringing out a real life story through the visual means of a movie. And if the story is of a non-commercial interest, I don’t even need any money.

b) SKILL: Four years of being a strategy consultant helped me develop the skills to put together a lot of information in a presentable format that makes sense and has a simple easy to understand message – a form of story-telling! Two years of wedding documentary experience post that, helped me develop my cinematography skills. It also gave me time to develop my story-telling abilities and go beyond financial numbers and business strategies.


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You can also write to me at or call me up on +91 95525 89252. Let’s connect.

The city where you live, is not an issue. As a wedding photographer I travel a LOT. So as long as we decide to work together, you with your story and I with my movie-making abilities, we shall meet soon. Where do I live? Goa presently! No, I am not a Goan. Just that Goa is such a nice place to live in! :) My lovely wife left her job too after we got married (about two years ago) and then we both moved to Goa together. She has become a dance instructor since then and hey, I have a story on her too! :)



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