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You share a story. I make a 3 minute movie about it.

3 minute stories

My name is Amrit. I am an IIT grad. I worked in a leading business consulting firm for four years. And then I left my job to become a candid wedding photographer. And now, slowly and steadily I am venturing towards documentary film-making. And so I am looking for stories. If you have a real-life story (or you know of someone who has one or an organization for that matter) that should be shared with the world, I am willing to make a 3 minute movie for you (or for that someone).

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What kind of stories would interest me?

  • I am looking for real life stories that can ring a chord with the “general public” (whatever general public means – I don’t have any fixed audience in mind, some stories might make more sense to students, some to women, and some to everyone). Point is, the general internet audience who sees the final short documentary, should get inspired, or have a good laugh, or go through whatever other emotion the story generates. The story could be either yours, or of someone you know. I am looking at the kind of stories where you quit your job to follow your passion. Acts of kindness. Acts of courage. Absolutely hilarious stuff that some of you did. A unique company that you started. And things like that. Something, worth making a 3 minute movie about. I am open to ideas.

The reason I want to do this is because:

a) I love bringing out a real life story through the visual means of a movie. And if the story is of a non-commercial interest, I don’t even need any money.

b) I have the right tools and skills to make such movies (thanks to my wedding documentary experience) and I don’t want to restrict my creativity to just weddings.

c) The money that I make from my wedding photography helps me sustain the non-commercial documentary projects (and therefore I typically request those who later use these documentaries on their sites – to leave a link to


The city where you live, is not an issue. As a wedding photographer I travel a lot, to all the places in India (and once in a while abroad). So as long as we decide to work together, you with your story and I with my movie-making abilities, we shall meet soon.

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You can also write to me at or call me up on +91 95525 89252. Let’s connect.



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