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This banker wanted to travel the world with like minded women. And now that’s her full time job!

This is the story of Neena, the founder of Diva Odysseys. After 13 years of stable jobs in the banking and Private Equity sector, she got bored of it all. She realized that there were no great challenges any more in what she was doing. And so she quit. But it wasn’t easy. Especially because at the same time, she also separated from her husband. Her family wasn’t sure what she was upto and thus did not really come forward to support her. It was a lonely journey for Neena. But eventually she did figure out what she wanted to do. Something, that she had always loved doing. Traveling. And so she started-up a travel business! How cool is that!

Her travel company organizes theme based international tours for women-only groups, from all over the globe. Sticking to a ‘theme’ for a given trip ensures that the group that finally comes together for the tour, has a common interest. Also, the idea to cater only to women travellers (or ‘Diva’ as she likes to call them) came about from her own challenges as a solo woman traveler.  Hers is perhaps the only Indian based company that offers such a niche service!

To create this short documentary I first interviewed Neena in an office setup to get her story out. It took me few days to get the audio story-board right. And I started off with using some of the existing pictures that Neena had (both from her personal trips and from her company tours). A lot of these pictures were later ‘dramatized’ to create a parallax effect.

I met her two more times to get my shots. One was at her house (from where we also went to Miramar beach). The next was when she drove me down to Chapora fort. I had been to Chapora fort earlier and had always wanted to bring back my quad-copter there. And so I found it ideal to use aerial shots there for this documentary. In some ways, the idea was to show that the world is so large and so beautiful and it is totally up to us how we want to live it!

Neena absolutely loves what she does now! ‘Seeing a place as a traveler, and not as a tourist, brings to you a totally new perspective of the place. And that’s what I love to do’, she shares.

So if you know of women / girls who had been looking forward to like-minded-women-only tours where they are considered as travelers and not as tourists, you must check out the upcoming trips by Diva Odysseys! Keep traveling and keep discovering life! And if you don’t like what you do any more (or who you are with anymore), remember, you can always go ahead and change your life. Because, nothing is impossible! 🙂

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