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Something incredible happened for startups wanting to make in India!

Ever wondered why we have so many app and e-commerce based startups in India but relatively very few creators of real physical innovative products?

This story that I shot in Bangalore in January this year, talks about some of the reasons for this trend. But more importantly, it also shows how one NGO is doing it’s bit to help change this.

When our Prime Minister says “Make In India“, he mostly refers to international manufacturers to consider India as their next international location for setting up say a new manufacturing plant. Which is great. When manufacturing happens in a country, the country benefits. However, for us to truly pave the way for real growth, we also need to figure out a way for our own Indian youth who want to make things in our country. It is not enough for us to depend on just a Tata or Mahindra to create the next innovative “made in India” vehicle. Any Indian engineer, who has an idea for a new product, should also have easy and quick access to resources to at least create a working prototype. It could be a car, or a new phone or a life-saving medical device.

Indian startups are already creating products by the way; it’s just that, they are not as many in number as your typical software startups. Compared to giving life to an app based idea, making a product prototype (especially in India) takes a lot more that laptops, internet connection and a bunch of coders. And this exact problem is being addressed by IKP, a non-profit company. The video-story tells you how. Hope you like it and will share it with your friends. In the sea of negative stories that we hear day in and day out – it’s always nice to see positivity and innovation, taking ahead our country in the right direction, one step at a time.

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    1. thanks for your honest feedback. I am sorry if anything in the story made creating new “software” sound easy – the only point was the extra infrastructure and support required when it comes to creating hardware. And the overall message is: software is great – but we need to try going “beyond” that. Right now way too many are creating software and way too few working on physical products – that balance needs to be corrected.

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