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It’s unbelievable how some Govt. schools in India have transformed!

This is the story of how a non-profit is transforming government schools in India to as good as private schools. I was commissioned to do this story last month. It is heartening to see an organization working towards improvement of government schools because if what they are doing can be[…]

A 5 min film with 3 broken marriages that actually has a happy ending!

In fact, in spite of the affairs and divorces that are spoken about in this short documentary, the real story is simply about the many different and interesting ways in which life unfolds. I shot this in an Indian village in Himachal Pradesh as part of my “art” project for[…]

The story of an ageing man and his ordinary life in a village

MANIRAM’S STORY This was the first story that I completed in Gunhear, as part of my ShopArt ArtShop 2 Residency. Maniram owns one of the houses, were some of us artists are staying for the one month duration of the ShopArt ArtShop residency. I wasn’t really interested in Maniram as[…]

Something incredible happened for startups wanting to make in India!

Ever wondered why we have so many app and e-commerce based startups in India but relatively very few creators of real physical innovative products? This story that I shot in Bangalore in January this year, talks about some of the reasons for this trend. But more importantly, it also shows[…]

This girl reads out a poem for her rapist, and it’s beautiful.

This is the first 3MS (technically, a little over six minutes 🙂 ) where I didn’t shoot anything. Climb Against Sexual Abuse (CLIMB), a global non profit, organizes climbing expeditions for survivors of sexual abuse, across the globe. They provided me with the footage from one such climb in South[…]

Africans are drinking polluted water; here’s a great approach to solve this problem.

Most countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have a peculiar problem. The ground-water in many places is contaminated and yet many, especially those from the poor settlements depend upon it for their daily needs (drinking, washing, bathing etc.). There are several reasons for dependency on ground-water, in spite of it’s contamination: some[…]