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3 Minute Stories

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This girl reads out a poem for her rapist, and it’s beautiful.

This is the first 3MS (technically, a little over six minutes 🙂 ) where I didn’t shoot anything. Climb Against Sexual Abuse (CLIMB), a global non profit, organizes climbing expeditions for survivors of sexual abuse, across the globe. They provided me with the footage from one such climb in South[…]

Africans are drinking polluted water; here’s a great approach to solve this problem.

Most countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have a peculiar problem. The ground-water in many places is contaminated and yet many, especially those from the poor settlements depend upon it for their daily needs (drinking, washing, bathing etc.). There are several reasons for dependency on ground-water, in spite of it’s contamination: some[…]

I went rafting in Uganda for fun. But I found a not so funny story.

Earlier this month, I traveled to Uganda for a documentary movie work. Mahesh, a photographer friend of mine joined in too. Our work was in Kampala (the capital city) but we took few days off to go to a nearby place called Jinja. The white Nile starts from lake Victoria[…]

What this IITian has been doing for 30+ years, MUST be shared!

In three minutes, you will be fascinated with how one person who could have easily taken up a good job after graduating from IIT in 1975, decided to do something extremely innovating for the education of poor kids. For him, education is not about ‘covering’ syllabus but to ‘uncover’ the[…]

This 5 min video is for every ‘over-protective’ parent to watch!

This story is about a mother who was forced to make a choice. Sometimes, choices are made from the heart. Sometimes, for the heart. And sometimes, in both ways. HeartShaped tells you how. Katie saw one of my short documentaries online (last year) and shared her story with me over[…]

A 10 min story on humanity & good karma that’ll touch your soul

This is a story from the mountains of Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand witnessed grave tragedy in 2013 when continuous cloud-bursts lead to heavy floods, killing many and washing away several houses. And from the tragedy, emerged two stories that I have tried to document. Both the stories intersect at one point and[…]

Here’s how one company is solving a big problem that most young parents face!

Children today are glued to TV, tablets, computers, phones and what not. And parents are busier than they ever were. So what can they really do to keep their children away from prolonged influence of TV and other electronic gadgets that constantly surround them? By providing them with useful toys[…]