3 Minute Stories

3 Minute Stories

on individuals, initiatives & institutions - by Amrit Vatsa

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Here’s how one company is solving a big problem that most young parents face!

Children today are glued to TV, tablets, computers, phones and what not. And parents are busier than they ever were. So what can they really do to keep their children away from prolonged influence of TV and other electronic gadgets that constantly surround them? By providing them with useful toys[…]

These IITians are solving a problem that every school faces! Worth sharing!

Amrutash, my batch mate from IIT Madras, left his lucrative job to start a library business which failed to get the desired readership. Naresh, also my batch-mate (we shared the same hostel and wing even) joined theater after IIT, but realized he could not make enough money from that. It[…]

This short documentary will change the way you looked at rapes. Forever.

I know this is a little more than twice the the ‘3 minute’ timeline but I failed to bring out the message in anything shorter (I did try)! I hope you don’t mind the duration! You can check out http://nocountryforwomen.org/ (or their FB page) to read more about what they[…]