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Here’s how one company is solving a big problem that most young parents face!

Children today are glued to TV, tablets, computers, phones and what not. And parents are busier than they ever were. So what can they really do to keep their children away from prolonged influence of TV and other electronic gadgets that constantly surround them? By providing them with useful toys may be? But how often do you find toys that are not just entertaining (like a small car or a small gun or a doll) but are also designed to help children develop different skills and gain useful knowledge? Rarely, you say? Well, you are not the only one! This is the problem that most parents of young kids, especially between 3 to 8 year old, face! And this short documentary is a beautiful story of a company that is solving exactly this problem.

I am Amrit, a wedding photographer and and independent documentary film-maker and I would like to thank Arun and Vijay, Co-founders of Flinto for sharing their story with me and for sending Flintoboxes – their awesome product, to couple of my friends in Goa – who are also parents of 5 year olds. I would also like to thank Neeru and her cute son Shaurya for sharing their experience with the box, both visually and in words.

If you know of other folks / organizations that are doing something interesting which can be shot and a story could be created from their work, do let me know. I would love to work with them to create such short documentaries. I can be reached at amrit.vatsa@gmail.com

And if you are a parent of 3 to 8 year old, you must check out the various subscription options available at Flintobox.com. Do share this story if you found it interesting! 🙂

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  1. Hey amrit, came across your site. Very happy to see you work on your passion. Please have a look at BIBOX. We are a start up who have a socio engineering behind what we do. We have about 10000 students whom we make them innovators. A 10 year old could make his idea to a prototype within hours. We structure their thoughts to problem solving, critical thinking, collaborative and also the science and maths concepts.
    Please let us know incase we could collaborate.

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