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Why isn’t every school on earth using this approach? This is outright brilliant!

Imagine a typical science or maths class in your school (those who are still in schools, well, you don’t have to imagine – you know it 🙂 ). What do you remember? Your teacher reading from a book or a  notebook and writing (or drawing) on the board to explain the concepts to you, right? Now watch this three minute story and see for yourself, how one school in Jaipur has dramatically moved away from all of that, by a simple innovation that has turned their theory classes into an extremely engaging and curious environment for the students. At the same time, the kids are able to understand the concepts so much better than they could ever do otherwise.

You can read more about the folks who are behind this innovative approach to teaching, on their website. I spent a day with the team in Jaipur, earlier this month to shoot this story. And I am glad I got to share it with all of you. This story will certainly make you wish that every school did this. So that students learn something because of their actual interest in a subject and not just because they have an examination to write. Share this away for the betterment of education, would you?

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  • Book Lovers Program for Schools  – the story of how a startup by IITians is helping schools across India, to get their children to use the school library and read more (non text-books).


  • Sharad, one of the four co-founders of Srjna for first telling me about this initiative
  • Teachers and other staff at MGD School for agreeing to get documented on camera (and principal mam and authorities for allowing the shoot to take place)
  • Special thanks to Pramender Kangrot mam for her interview (the teacher)
  • The Srjna team in Jaipur for taking me to MGD school and to their office and also for hosting a great lunch 🙂
  • Om Prakash and Vivek, the two co-founders of Srjna for their interview
  • Dr. Vishal Bhati for his interview (and Dr. Naivedhya Aggarwal too, whose interview I could not make use of, in this story, because of the short time-span)
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  1. Its an excellent step towards bringing about a change in the methods of educating the people. And I wish you guys reach out to more and more students to continue the wave of change that you have brought about. Good Luck 🙂

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