3 Minute Stories

3 Minute Stories

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This 3 min video is for everyone who on hearing ‘frisbee’ cannot think beyond a jumping dog!

After a long time, managed to get something in just 3 minutes! 🙂

I was visiting Hyderabad for two wedding shoots and had few days gap in between. So my good IIT friend Radha helped me find couple of interesting stories for the 3MS Project. The one that I could finally work upon was this – a documentation of a sport very new to India. So new that a lot of us Indians would probably get to see it as a sport for the first time after watching this documentary.

Shooting it was quite challenging given that I am a single person crew who does everything. When people move around so much (run around to be correct), you wish there were a multi-camera setup! Also, 60 fps of DSLRs totally falls short of the fps needed to get the ultimate smooth slow-motions! The wind was also very strong the day I was shooting and hence there is evident noise in the voice!

I would like to thank Jaideep for inviting me to the HAT tournament and for his time in front of the camera as he answered  all my questions! Hope this short documentary opens your eyes to a new sport! The Ultimate Sport!

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